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Our cohort 3 members, Hatsumi, take home the XR Experience Special Jury Award at South by South West for their project SOULPAINT.

The companies most recent project, SOULPAINT, received the Special Jury Award for XR Experience at South by South West in Austin Texas on the 14th of March 2024.

Hatsumi is a design studio that explores how the arts, our brains and bodies collide. They develop tools that make invisible, intangible experiences visible to help us better understand ourselves and each other.

“SOUL PAINT exists at the nexus of immersive technology, creative storytelling and wellbeing to explore the richness of the embodied human experience. Participants are taken on a journey to explore and creatively express feelings of emotion and sensations in the body.

Through the process of bodymapping, 3D drawing and movement, they are invited to reveal their unique inner reality and then observe the creations of others. Using interactive technology in a genre-pushing way, this experience encourages new forms of embodied insight, allowing us to reflect on the diversity of human experience on an individual and global level.”


The competition jury said “SOULPAINT is epic and intimate in its scope and potential. This finely-tuned experience gives XR new possibilities for its application across disciplines and research that explores and
interrogates the human experience.”

To find out more about Hatsumi and their work, check out their sites below.