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Our Cohort 1 members, Mission Digital, recently held their app testing event ‘Click and Mix’. Here’s how the event went and everything we learned:

The Brighton design and visualisation studio held their testing event on September 29th at The Fusebox in Brighton and Hove. The event allowed users to try and test their new app in a 15 minute slot. Including a before and after user survey, the event aimed to garner feedback for the in app experience.

Our Communications officer, Reb, attended the event and tried out the app. Getting to use the app, you were able to walk around a virtual space and make changes to the home. This included the option of a variety of furniture from a catalogue of real products that were available online. As well as altering colours of furniture and walls, textures of the floor, lighting settings. The app allowed you to experience your possible future home in a variety of set ups.

The app adjusted the lighting depending on the time of year, and season, with a personalised and accurate google street view shown through the windows. Mission digital are hoping the tool can be used the visualise what your home might look like upon completion.

Who is the app for?

There was discussions of when the app may help with interventions in the homemaking experience. Would you use the product before architectural plans have been drawn to visualise your space planning? Would it be best to use before moving into your property? Or could it even be a powerful tool for renters wanting to plan their homes?

A variety of industry professionals were in attendance of the event to provide their feedback on the app. The evening also included a networking event to discuss Mission Digital’s progress and share more about the app experience. There was even a complimentary ‘Click and Mix’ mug for attendees to take home!

Founder Llewellyn said ‘I am really proud of what my team has helped bring to life, and it was great to hear so much positive feedback from our testers over the day.’

Follow Mission Digital below to stay up to date on their progress and success.